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Yesterday, #youthvgovplaintiff Nathan Baring (@nathan_skier) spoke at a Defend the Sacred #alaskarally in his hometown of #Fairbanks. The rally made the call of "Alaska is not for sale. Earth is not for purchase. Our values are priceless." #RejectRex #keepitintheground #arcticcouncil #exxonknew #youthriseup

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Very important to have humor in any movement. #climatejusticenow #rejectrex @defendthesacredak

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So proud of all the people who have been organizing hard this week! What a great rally!! @eneimbp @defendthesacredak @girardable @caliakos #defendthesacred #rejectrex #climatejusticenow

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Happy New moon beauties, there's a march for climate change advocacy this weekend, People are uniting to defend the earth and all her creatures. If it calls you, get your voice out there! ✊ #protesting

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Globalen Herausforderungen wie der Erderwärmung muss sich die Welt gemeinsam stellen. Greenpeace-Aktivisten protestierten gestern am Rand der G20-Außenministerkonferenz in Bonn für eine gemeinsame Bewältigung globaler Probleme. Die Sorgen um das Klima sind berechtigt: Zu Gast in Bonn ist Gabriels amerikanischer Amtskollege Rex Tillerson. Der ehemalige Geschäftsführer des Ölkonzerns Exxon Mobile – ein Unternehmen, das jahrzehntelang den Klimawandel verharmlost hat – vertritt die Politik der Trump-Regierung. Sein Chef hält die Erderwärmung für eine Erfindung und hat bereits mehrfach angekündigt, aus den Pariser Klimavereinbarungen auszuscheren. Trump schwadronierte bislang von einer Energiepolitik, die weiterhin vor allem auf Kohle und Öl fußt. Der Schutz vor dem Klimawandel, der durch Stürme, Starkregen oder anhaltende Trockenzeiten auch in den USA immer größere Schäden anrichtet, soll darin keine Rolle mehr spielen. Ende Januar haben die regierenden Republikaner den Entwurf eines Gesetzes eingebracht, alle Zahlungen der USA an den Weltklimarat oder den Grünen Klimafonds zu kappen. Weitere Hintergründe ➡ Foto () Ruben Neugebauer / Greenpeace #greenpeace #g20 #g20bonn #resist #energiewende #trump #stoptrumpscabinet #keepitintheground #RejectRex #rextillerson #tillerson #exxon #exxonmobil #bonn #bonnstagram #meinbonn #foreignminister #germany2017 #worldconference #außenminister

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This morning activists met Trump's team and the Colorado Energy Coalition with a very loud and clear message. We MUST put people and the climate over profit! #rejectrex #keepitintheground #savetheepa #nodapl #nokxl #fixdemocracy #myclimateaction

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Today the old gaurd continued to play us. Trump was right...he is a businessman...he and his friends will profit from big oil continuing to run free unchecked. We the people have to stay vigilant and reject the old ways. #rejectrex #blackblog #blackbloggers #greenpeace #conservative #conservativeblogger #liberal #liberalblogger #moderate #moderateblogger #senate #trumpsuporter #cabinet #blackownedbusiness #political #politicalblogger #huffpostgram #huffingtonpost #teadmyblog

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"Mark Warner, grow a spine. Virginia lives are on the line." Today, Warner failed to #RejectRex and voted instead to support Trump's dangerous nominee. Virginia youth will remember this.

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Helping Mama call Senators and munch apples like ! #rejectrex #rejecttrump

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katieturn Kullanicisinin 1440743860963004818_4265409 Id'li Fotografini Incele

DAILY ACTION: The Senate could vote today to approve Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State. Tell your senators to REJECT Rex. Call 855-636-8150 // also text 'daily' to 228-466 to receive daily actions to your phone #dailyaction #rejectrex

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After a long travel day amid yet another wild news cycle , I landed in my hometown (the proud sanctuary city of San Francisco ), grabbed a plant protein-packed smoothie at my favorite organic market , spent a few hours with my writing partner ✍, and came home to watch Trump announce his #scotuspick Judge Gorsuch ⚖️ and Nancy Pelosi in a CNN Town Hall talking #NoBanNoWall, #obamacareand more. Now, I'm eating vegan glutenfree mushroom pizza and plotting how to best combat the threat Gorsuch poses to women's rights and reproductive health , as well as fight the Army Corps' imminent announcement of the DAPL easement , and yes, prevent Trump's still-ghastly cabinet appointees from confirmation ⛔️. #somuchtodo #solittletime #resist #onwards

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leefishywithaz Kullanicisinin 1439336355158396378_31528438 Id'li Fotografini Incele

Don't forget the reasons why many countries that have refugees are in turmoil. And this week the Senate votes on wether or not to put the fossil fuel industry in charge of our foreign policy. If you care about the #muslimbanyou also have to care about what our country has done in the Middle East and all over the world to make men like Rex Tillerson, Dick Cheney and Erik Prince rich. #RejectRex

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I'm having a busy morning, calling and emailing my Senators. If you have time today, please call, if you're not already doing so. #speakupspeakoutregram @ladymarscapone #rejectREX

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